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About!… A Writer and His Music Habit with Josh Weinstein

Singer-songwriter and manipulator of keyed instruments Josh Weinstein joins us for this episode of the About!… Podcast. We explore Weinstein’s experiences on the New York music scene, including his unconventional day gig as a writer funding a music habit, we get a taste of what it was like doing a record with G.E. Smith, and we even travel back in time to Josh’s prenatal utopia. Sandi investigates Josh Weinstein’s exile to California. Davy investigates how Weinstein babies are made. Josh Taylor investigates a few storks. Mama Sue investigates how to escape shackles.

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Music in this episode provided by our guest, Josh Weinstein.

About!… KTP’s Personal Space Tour

In our eighth episode, we take a few minutes to reflect on King Taylor Project’s recent Personal Space Tour. We forego any guests and talk a bit about our life on the road as an independent touring band. Davy gets Pro Tools 12. Josh gets his Troys confused. Sandi gets our website wrong.

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Check out your hosts’ band, King Taylor Project

Music provided by:
Pour Brothers
Mark Huff
Troy Petty

About!… Breaking Stems with Broken Stems

In our seventh episode, we invite Jesse Gawlik and Andrew Bache of Broken Stems to talk about the band’s first full-length album, What Are You Connected, their latest music videos, and Clydesdales (for some reason). Broken Stems deals it. Josh smells it. Sandi nails the intro. Davy plans a tour.

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Visit Broken Stems on the interwebs.

About!… Getting One’s Sexy On with Sven-Erik Seaholm

In this episode, we are joined by Sven-Erik Seaholm, not to be confused with a seahorse. We zombie-pick the brainz of the veteran musician and producer and learn about some of his most memorable experiences on stage and behind the controls. Josh gets all nostalgic. Davy gets all arrangementy. Sandi gets all the cool segments. Sven gets all the Svennies. Someone’s pants get all peed.

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Sven’s production website is here, his music is here
Sven’s San Diego Troubadour column, Zen Of Recording
Sven is also a contributor to Recording Magazine
Find out more about Cathryn Beeks and all the wonderful things she does for San Diego music
Sven also wrote some very nice things in the Troubadour about the making of Josh’s record: The War of the Will Part 5, Part 6

Musicians featured in this episode:
Sven-Erik Seaholm
Michael Tiernan
Peter Bolland
Jesse LaMonaca
Joshua Taylor of King Taylor Project
Buddy Blue (1957-2006): Learn more about his impact on the San Diego music scene in this ten year retrospective from the San Diego Troubadour, Retrospection in “Blue”—Buddy’s Many Hats Part 1, Part 2

About!… Dive Bars & Clown Photos with Wayne Mealhouse

In our fifth episode, we ask Wayne Mealhouse what on earth possessed him to buy a dive bar in Spring Valley and cram diverse bands onto a tiny stage to play original music for surprisingly supportive pool-shooting patrons. East County gets multicultural. Wayne gets a cold. Davy gets creative with edits. Josh gets creative with introductions. Sandi gets creative with expletives.

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Check out De Oro Mine Co. on the interwebs.

This episode features music by:
Ryan Hiller
Broken Stems
Tolan Shaw
Nick Crook
Grim Slippers

About!… GigTown and Drinking with Andy Altman

In our fourth episode, we invite Andy Altman, the co-creator and Grand Poobah of local music platform GigTown, to get weird with us. We accidentally blurt out some meaningful information about GigTown between stories about Fireball and skinny-dipping. Andy plays the uke. Sandi misses the trolley. Davy shoots Josh’s Prius into molten lava.

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Learn more about the awesome local music app GigTown

Sandi’s classic daiquiri recipe:
2oz light rum
1oz fresh squeezed lime juice
1/2oz simple syrup
Shake that shit & strain into chilled glass. We doubled the pours and served over ice for this podcast.

Check out our friend and fellow GigTown artist Kevin Begin

And finally, the photos:

About!… Theater and Vlog Life with PJ Bovee

This episode features PJ Bovee, San Diego musician, entrepreneur, blogger, vlogger, and wearer of a magnificent beard. Travel with us through a world of formal music-ing and go deep into a longtime friendship between PJ and our very own davyrockett. Witness the inception of everyone’s personalized biography titles. Davy gets his photo taken. Trillian gets some decent airtime. Josh discovers it was in hymn all along. Sandi gets put in her place. PJ gets let down.

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Check out PJ’s book, Guitar Chord Kick-Start
Check out PJ’s vlog

And here’s the photographic goods:

About!… Live Sound with Kelsey Allyn Breunig

In this episode, your hosts are joined by Kelsey Allyn Breunig, talent buyer, live sound engineer, purveyor of craft laughter, and tiny stage expander at the San Diego bar/music venue Sycamore Den. Sandi gets a hangover. Josh gets sociological. Davy gets offended. Kelsey gets a hysterectomy.

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For booking inquiries to Sycamore Den, contact Kelsey at

Featuring music by Future Islands

And this episode’s group shot:

About!… What, exactly?

What is this About!… podcast all about?  In our pilot episode, we answer this and several other questions you neither asked nor cared to have answered.  Your hosts on this magical journey are Sandi King, Joshua Taylor, and davyrockett (stripped down to “Davy” here, because his fancypants uncapitalized stage name makes us all a little uncomfortable with our regular pants), three independent musicians having conversations with friends and colleagues in the music industry.  Sometimes those friends and colleagues are just we three, and other times, we cajole an unwitting guest into our home studio with nothing but the promise of merriment and a cold beverage.