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Off The Dome: Passing Highs with davyrockett

We try something new in this episode, an alternate format we’re calling (for now) “Off The Dome.” One of us picks a topic of interest, tightly organizes the episode around demonstrating the topic, and the other two of us “play” dumb and ask questions for “your” benefit… because of course we’re brilliant and already know everything. In this episode, davyrockett drones on about high pass filters, but we promise it’s not boring—we still act like idiots.

About!… Tribute with Ozzie Mancinelli & John McAllister

In this episode we sat down with Ozzie and John from the highly successful Tom Petty tribute band PettyBreakers. We talk about the ins and outs of tribute, how it differs from the term “cover,” and how tribute bands at their core have goals and obstacles much the same as original projects.

About!… Punk & Opera with Brian & Ashley Wahlstrom

Classically trained power couple Brian and Ashley Wahlstrom recently graced our studio with their magnificence. Take a trip with us through bits of Brian’s life as a formally trained pianist and vocalist on the punk scene. Catch a sneak peak of a couple of tracks from his upcoming EP, The Generals. Applaud mightily at our seamless transition into Ashley’s exploits as an opera singer. Book a princess and add “recitative” to your vocabulary.

About!… Family with Kyle Phelan

For the last show of King Taylor Project’s five-week Tea Bee Detour, we had the immense pleasure of sharing a stage with the incredible Kyle Phelan Band. Our hearts completely overfilled and exploded, and our ghosts recorded this podcast at Kyle’s now-haunted house within a couple of hours after the gig. Get uncomfortable with all the gushing. Find out if that’s what she said.

About!… Jumping over Horses with Candace Devine

What do you get when you take one Grammy-nominated songwriter with an astonishing powerhouse voice, one super excited baby, one delirious realtor, and stir vigorously into a glass of the About!… Podcast? THIS! Have your hair compared to a microphone windscreen. Get your twelve-piece soul band co-billed with a theatrical punk metal unit. Expect your favorite horse to give birth.